Braschi Fur boutique in Perm

The fabulous fashion show of Braschi Fur New Collection in mono brand boutique in Perm.

Монобрендовый бутик BRASCHI в Перми

Монобрендовый бутик BRASCHI в Перми с размахом отметил свое пятилетие, представив собравшимся гостям великолепную коллекцию роскошных мехов Maurizio Braschi.

Fashion show in Dubai

Новая коллекция Маурицио Браски и концерт Григория Лепса в рамках «Русских Сезонов» в Дубае.

В Дубае прошли «Русские Сезоны»

В Дубае прошли «Русские Сезоны». Украшением гала-вечера стал эксклюзивный показ коллекции мехов Маурицио Браски. Собравшейся элите были представлены непревзойденные модели из меха рыси, Баргузинского соболя и единственные в своем роде шубы из меха норки, выполненные в сложнейшей технике «Инкрустации».

13 Nov2015

Braschi Participate in NAFA's Journey

Braschi presented a collection of luxury fur coats (North American mink) at the Journey Gala Show arranged by the North American Fur Auction (NAFA) on October 2, 2015 at Rixos President Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital city.
Perfect silhouettes of Braschi furs emphasised the splendour and excellent quality of NAFA short-pile mink. A new unique inlay technique using which different furs and materials are delicately sawn together to produce mosaic patterns opened new facets of the 'soft gold' beauty.

Fashion elitists, celebrities and government officials along with local and foreign fur trade VIPs and journalists and more than 250 guests participated in the Gala Show. Cody Bokshowan, NAFA's Creative Director, summed up the evening performance, "Life truly is a journey and tonight we took our guests on a very special journey. The incredible beauty and fine quality of NAFA furs provided designers the means to take each and every one of us to an exciting destination."

14 Jul2015

Maurizio Braschi reveals his new fall-winter 2015/2016 collection in Moscow

July 14, 2015. Fashion House Braschi introduced new premium fur collection fall-winter 2015/2016. The presentation was held in the Braschi boutique in the exclusive fashion and lifestyle gallery "Vremena Goda".
The guests of the event were russian movie stars Christine Asmus, Yekaterina Volkova, Ekaterina Klimova and Maria Kozhevnikova. Maurizio Braschi personally flew to Moscow to present new Braschi styles for metropolitan audience.

4 Mar2015

Ornella Muti and other starts at the Maurizio Braschi Fashion Show in Milan

The fall/winter 2015-16 Maurizio Braschi collection was presented at Milan's historic center Circolo Filologico Milanese, on march 4th 2015.
Guests of the fashion show included a variety of Russian celebrities such as Oksana Fandera, Svetlana Ivanova, fashion designer Natalia Valevskaya alongside famous Italian actress Ornella Muti.

3 Mar2015

Maurizio Braschi fall/winter 2015-16 collection at MIFUR 2015

On March 3rd, Maurizio Braschi presented its fall/winter 2015-16 collection at "Italian Fur Fashion Night" that was organized by Mifur, the International Fur and Leather Exhibition.
"The collection is inspired by the Futurist movement, which originated in Italy at the start of the 20th century with Balla, Carrà, Boccioni, Marinetti, Fortunato and Depero. Dynamism, speed and movement project objects and words into space...free...and in terms of forms...unique. Experimenting, innovating, searching for a new world, searching for a way to take you into the future..." - Maurizio Braschi.

6 Jan2015

BRASCHI Fashion show at Russian Seasons in Dubai 2015

On January 6th, 2015, Braschi presented luxurious fur collection to a distinguished crowd of business elite and celebrities as part of the Russian Seasons Gala, at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.
The most exclusive "Russian Seasons in Dubai" was opened by the one of the popular Russian singers Stas Mihaylov.
The Braschi collection wowed the audience with spectacular and elegant designs featuring the finest fur of lynx and sables in new styles of womenswear.

10 Dec2014

Braschi at the NAFA's Gala Fur Show, Warsaw, Poland

On December 10th, 2014, Braschi opened The "Winter Carnival", NAFA's Fur Gala show in Warsaw, Poland.
The collection of furs was, indeed, beyond expectations. The NAFA Northern Canadian Sable and Lynx Cat drew immediate applause

17 Sep2014

Braschi @ the NAFA's Gala Fur Show, Almaty, Kazakhstan

We participated in the very First NAFA's Gala Fur Show in Almaty, Kazakhstan. On the evening of September 17, 2014, over 250 VIP guests gathered at the Royal Tulip Almaty Luxury Hotel to attend the most talked about show of the season.
The Braschi Luxury Fur collection from Italy featured NAFA Northern Lynx Cat, Canadian Sable and an array of NAFA Mink.